Since 2002 the Visions Teen staff has provided treatment in a safe, supportive home-like environment where residents can begin to learn the new skills necessary for achieving long lasting recovery. We would like to share with you some letters of gratitude that we have received over the years. Hear from other parents and family members as they share their experience, strength and hope.
If you would like to speak with a Visions’ Alumni Family please call us today 866.889.3665.

I will never be able to thank the staff at Visions enough for what you did to help our daughter and our entire family! –Anonymous Parent

My daughter has learned to tell us what upsets her in a constructive and controlled way so that things can be resolved. –Anonymous Parent

The family sessions really brought our entire family together and opened up communication. –Anonymous Parent

Each of you helped to lay the groundwork for the transformation that is taking place day by day in our son. –Anonymous Parent

My son is learning to love, value, and accept himself; and as a result, to love, value and accept others. –Anonymous Parent

Visions changes lives…you have changed the life of our son. –Anonymous Parent

My son now has the ability to reach down inside his heart to use “what he feels inside” for inspiration to paint his “Vision”. –Proud Visions Mom

Our son has learned ways to deal with other negative behavior issues – controlling anger, managing moods, avoidance, defeatist attitude, impulsivity and over-sensitivity.–Anonymous Parents

You have helped to instill better values in him including honesty and integrity. –Anonymous Parent

Our son has acquired the skills and tools he must use to cope with life, so that now he has a chance to live a life worth living.
–Anonymous Parents

We’ve done a lot of research that points to Visions being amongst the best, if not the best, adolescent treatment program in the country. Our personal experience confirms that. –Anonymous Parent

Thank you so much for helping us get on the course to a new, much more enriched life for our daughter and our entire family. –Anonymous Parents

Visions treats both the kids and the parents. –Anonymous Parent

Visions teaches parents how to be better parents. –Anonymous Parent

We came into Visions scared and severely disappointed in what our lives have become, and we now find ourselves incredibly grateful for the experience. –Anonymous Parents

The test of time will certainly reveal more, however, right now, today, life is completely changed, renewed, revitalized and appreciated by our entire family. –Anonymous Parent

The journey took us from near death to life. –Anonymous Parent

Thank you Visions, for giving each member of our family the opportunity to live with the priceless gift of serenity. –Anonymous Parent

Turning ourselves, our lives over to the guidance of Visions gave us the benefit from this wonderful program. –Anonymous Parent

We have acquired all the tools we need to cope with whatever is waiting for us. –Anonymous Parent

We know that there is help and we know how to ask for it. –Anonymous Parent

It is a program that treats the whole family. –Anonymous Parent