Dual Diagnosis & Co Occurring Disorders Treatment Program

Treatment for co-occurring disorders Los Angeles can be a complex process that involves a team of professionals to ensure all issues surrounding the disorders are addressed. At Visions Teen Treatment Centers Los Angeles and Malibu, we offer just such a professional team, specially trained to help teens work through and overcome their struggles. To learn more about our treatment options for co-occurring disorders, contact Visions Teen Treatment Centers at 866-889-3665.

Learn About Dual Diagnosis & Co Occurring Disorders

When a patient is struggling with both a substance addiction and a mental illness, it is called a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis. Treating co-occurring disorders can be more complex than simply addressing an addiction issue. To ensure successful and long-term sobriety, both disorders must be effectively treated simultaneously, which may look different depending on the specific addiction and mental illness that need to be addressed.

The goals of our co-occurring disorders treatment program include:

  • Encourage and motivate the teen to achieve and sustain abstinence
  • Assess and meet the psychological and psychiatric needs of the patient
  • Assess and meet the medical needs of the teen
  • Involve family members in the treatment process to minimize family dysfunction
  • Identify situations where the teen used drugs or alcohol to cope with a difficult situation
  • Develop healthier and more effective problem-solving strategies
  • Introduce the 12-step philosophy and encourage participation in a 12-step program
  • Identify and change problematic attitudes and behaviors that could lead to a relapse
  • Provide assistance to resolve any legal issues, including criminal activity

The teen resident is also encouraged to create treatment goals that offer long-term benefits. These goals might include educational or vocational opportunities, pursuit of recreational activities and interests and resolution of psychological conflicts.