Teen Cutting & Self-Harm Rehabilitation Programs

At Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers in Los Angeles and Malibu, we work with teens involved with cutting, as well as substance abuse disorders. Our professional team helps teens find constructive ways to deal with their negative feelings that replace self-harming behaviors like cutting, while achieving freedom from addiction. To learn more about our treatment programs, contact Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers at 866-889-3665.

Learn About Teen Cutting & Self-Harm

Teen cutting or self-harming is a behavior some people use in an attempt to deal with feelings or situations they don’t know how to manage otherwise. The behavior is often compared to substance abuse because both are used to “self-medicate” intense feelings or emotions. The two behaviors frequently occur together, and both typically require professional treatment to overcome.

Cutting is most prevalent in teens and young adults, and frequently begins as young as age 14 or even sooner. The U.S. National Library of Medicine estimates that approximately one in every 100 teens will turn to cutting as a way to deal with emotional issues or past trauma. Cutting gives a person a perceived sense of control over difficult emotions like depression, anxiety and anger. It can also provide a release of endorphins, or a temporary “rush,” like some types of drugs.

Signs & Symptoms of Cutting

Symptoms of self-harming behavior like cutting might include:

  • Scratches or cuts to the skin’s surface
  • Puncturing your skin with different objects
  • Burning your skin with a match or cigarette
  • Hitting yourself, particularly your head, against a hard object
  • Swallowing dangerous substances or objects

It is important to note that cutting is not an attempt at suicide. However, regular cutting and other self-harming behaviors can lead to a suicide attempt over time. It is important to identify this behavior and seek help as soon as possible to prevent other serious complications or behaviors from occurring.

Treating Cutting

Cutting/ Self-Harming Treatment Los Angeles- Cutting, like substance abuse, can actually lead to addiction over time. It requires professional help to stop the destructive behavior by addressing the underlying reasons behind it.