Awareness—Rape Culture and Addiction

Rape isn’t a new problem. Everyone in the world knows about someone in their family, a friend, or neighbor that has been affected by an incident of sexual assault. Acts like rape ruin lives, and it has to stop. When we think about rape victims, many people don’t quite understand that everything stops and nothing is ever the same for them. Victims of rape are at the highest rate for alcohol and substance abuse, where addiction and self-isolation—that delicately toes the line for suicide—takes hold of their world and makes them a prisoner to the unsafe place that is now their home.

We Mourn Orlando

The LGBTQ Community and Suicide

Thinking back on the incredible tragedy that occurred just a week ago in Florida, we remember that hate crimes like this have affected the LGBTQ community for decades and will continue unless we open our hearts. The story of the man that committed this crime has brought to light some things about suicide rates of the queer community that don’t have the support they need to feel part of and accepted.

What You Need to Know about Liquid Marijuana

Marijuana legalization continues to spread nationwide, despite concerns by adolescent drug rehabilitation centers and others that this process is posing a serious danger to younger drug users. Now, a new danger has surfaced in the form of liquid marijuana, a synthetic substance that has sent many users to the hospital due to its potentially lethal side effects. This latest form of synthetic marijuana is concerning on a number of levels, which is why parents and teens need to be aware of what liquid marijuana is and just how harmful it can be.

The Truth about Vaping

The e-cigarette has been touted by manufacturers as the safer electronic alternative to the cancer-causing cigarettes people have been smoking for many years. Now, the vaping trend has grown exponentially to include many young adults and teenagers. As the popularity has grown, so has concerns over the actual safety of this practice, including those in adolescent alcohol rehab centers that are worried vaping could evolve into more serious and dangerous drug use.

Tobacco Addictions among Teens

While drug and alcohol addictions among teens seem to garner the most attention, some scientists believe focusing on tobacco addiction could be even more beneficial to teen health. Last November, University of Georgia researchers determined the same programs used to get teens off of drugs and alcohol could be effective for tobacco addiction. By weaning teens off of tobacco, researchers also suggested treatment for drug and alcohol dependencies could be more effective as well.

Popular Teen Apps Parents Need to Know About

Visions, an adolescent residential treatment center located in Southern California, has a warning to parents about what their kids are looking at on their mobile devices. Today, there are many apps that pose dangers to young users, giving them access to sexual material, making cyberbullying easier and allowing kids to hide the information on their phones from their parents. By learning about the most popular teen apps today, you will be equipped to check the devices of your own children to make sure no potential risks are lurking.

Study Finds Excessive Pot Smoking Leads to Verbal Memory Loss

Another study has raised concerns amid the ongoing debate over marijuana legalization, particularly among those at adolescent residential rehab centers that see the effects of this drug firsthand. The new study indicates daily, long-term marijuana use may contribute to impairment of short-term memory. When combined with the results of other studies, opponents of marijuana legalization point out that these findings support the idea that marijuana use can lead to some type of cognitive decline over time.

Does Medical Marijuana Lead to Teen Marijuana Use?

As the debate about legalizing marijuana continues across the country, questions have arisen about how legalization for medical reasons has impacted marijuana use among the younger population. While some organizations are asserting the rise in medical marijuana has had no effect on marijuana use among teens, there is evidence to the contrary. Since studies have also shown marijuana use at an earlier age can lead to impaired brain function and even a drop in intelligence, it is important to weigh all the facts when determining whether medical marijuana is a viable option in the U.S.

Opioid Prescriptions Can Lead to Abuse, Dependency in Teens

The narcotic OxyContin was recently approved by the FDA for use in children between the ages of 11 and 16. The approval comes at the same time a University of Michigan study found teens that use prescription drugs legally during adolescence have a higher risk for substance abuse when they become adults. In fact, kids that use prescription opioids like OxyContin and Vicodin during high school increase their risk for drug abuse by one-third by the time they reach the age of 23.

Important Facts about Teens and Depression

The teen years are typically filled with a wide range of moods and behaviors. However, if your teen appears locked into negative feelings like sadness, anger or withdrawal from family and friends, a more serious problem may be the culprit. Depression is a widespread problem among teens, affecting as many as one in five adolescents. It is important for parents to learn to recognize symptoms of teen depression and seek out professional help their child may need.