Teen Bipolar Disorder Program

At Visions Teen Treatment Centers in Los Angeles and Malibu, we offer Bipolar Disorder treatment Los Angeles specifically designed for co-occurring disorders. Our staff is experienced in working with patients diagnosed with bipolar disorder as well as other mental illnesses. To learn more, contact Visions Teen Treatment Centers at 866-889-3665.

Learn About Teen Bipolar Disorder

Teen Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive disorder, is a mental illness characterized by extreme periods of highs and lows. The high or manic state consists of periods of high activity and happy moods. These periods alternate with a depressive phase, which includes intense feelings of sadness and low energy. Bipolar disorder can make it very difficult for teens to function at school or at home. It is also frequently accompanied by substance abused or addiction, known as a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis.

Symptoms & Signs of Bipolar Disorder

The symptoms of bipolar disorder will vary, depending on the type of episode the person is currently experiencing. During a manic episode, symptoms might include:

  • High energy and activity levels
  • Happy moods
  • Talkative, talking faster than normal
  • Less sleep without showing signs of fatigue
  • Difficulty remaining focused
  • Possible risky behavior

Depressive episodes may be characterized by these symptoms:

  • Feelings of sadness and worthlessness
  • Changes to sleeping and eating patterns
  • Little energy or interest in activities
  • Physical complaints, like stomachaches or headaches
  • Suicidal thoughts or ideations

Treating Teen Bipolar Disorder

Treating teens for bipolar disorder usually involves one or more types of psychotherapy, as well as medication. When the mental illness is accompanied by a substance abuse disorder, treatment becomes more complex. Both disorders must be treated together to ensure the greatest chances of success.